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Empowering Startups: Incubating AI & Blockchain Innovators

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Fire Innovation Technology is a Hong Kong Cyberport-based company focused on artificial intelligence and blockchain solutions. Founded in 2022, our areas of expertise include developing AI algorithms, analyzing big data, and creating smart contracts. We believe that digital technologies and data will transform lives in the future. Our goal is to provide innovative solutions and technical expertise to help companies thrive in the digital age. In early 2023, we launched Fire Lab, an incubator that invests in and develops new blockchain applications. Fire Lab aims to cultivate the next generation of blockchain technologies like platforms for security token offerings, GameFi projects, decentralized finance protocols, and AI-enabled social networks. Fire Lab’s first application is AI Soulmate, a Web3 app that uses AI chatbots to help address social issues and meet human needs for entertainment. Welcome to join us to build Web 3.0 together!


Hyper Lab for A.I. & Blockchain

Ignite Your Innovation at Fire Innovation Technology Lab

Your top choice for comprehensive digital solutions, from idea to reality. Experience the power of innovation and propel your business forward with our end-to-end services.

Artificial Intelligence Algorithms

NFT Design

& Issurance

Smart Contract


Crypto Wallet


Natural Language


Gamefi Project


Big Data




Offering comprehensive services with artificial intelligence and blockchain

Turn your ideas into reality with our expertise and cutting-edge technology.


Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence Algorithms 

We have professional artificial intelligence algorithm development experience, and can customize artificial intelligence algorithms and models quickly and efficiently that meet customer needs.


Smart Contract Development

We are experienced in smart contract development, and have mature product cases from blockchain games and decentralized financial modules. We can provide efficient and secure blockchain application development services.


Natural Language Processing

We have powerful natural language processing technology to help customers extract and analyze information in various application scenarios.


Big Data Analysis

Through big data technology, we label the original data of customers and extract effective data, and at the same time clean the data to improve the efficiency of business decision-making.

Blockchain Technology


NFT Design & Issurance

Our team of professionals offers a suite of services to create, customize and issue Non-Fungible Tokens for any business need.


Crypto Wallet Building

We specialize in building custom crypto wallets to efficiently store, manage and use cryptocurrencies. Our unparalleled expertise and cutting-edge technology make us the premier choice for those looking for a secure, reliable crypto wallet.


Gamefi Project Design

We provide the latest gamefi project design technology to help you conceptualize and create the perfect game. Our experienced staff will take you through the entire development process – from initial design to launch.


Tokenomics Design

Fire Innovation Technology provides custom tokenomics design services to help businesses create crypto-ready token solutions. Our innovative approach puts your business at the forefront of the digital revolution, enabling you to create a secure, compliant, and globally scalable tokenised economy.

InnoLab Products

Fire InnoLab

A.I. & Blockchain

Artificial Intelligence

AI Soulmate

AI Soulmate combines artificial intelligence and NFT to provide a personalized virtual companion. The database and behavior patterns of the chatbots are integrated into Metadata, and unique soul tokens are created in the form of NFT.


"Knowledge" Virtual Chatbot

Cooperated with Bauhinia Megazine's youth publication "Knowledge" magazine to create a virtual chatbot specialized in Chinese culture, helping Hong Kong Education Bureau and relevant school organizations to promote interactive learning tools, allowing primary and secondary school students to have a better understanding of Chinese culture through games and quizzes.

Crypto Wallet Building


In-App NFT Loyalty Programme

Partner with financial group for the in-app NFT loyalty program which create and handle the Web2 to Web3 wallet design and development. With this NFT program, clients can certificate and recognise the customer activity by their immutable and everlasting NFT memberships.

Gamefi Projects


Princess Striker

Web3 gamefi project on Binance Smart Chain, the game consists of over 30 characters and simple game design that is perferct for web3 gamers.

First Week Trading Volume: $4M USDT

Total NFT mint: 7000


BNB Gunfire

Web3 gamefi project on Binance Smart Chain. BNB Gunfire allows players to farm, mine, and fight with multiple game character NFTs.

First Week Trading Volume: $1.2M USDT

Total NFT mint: 7000

NFT Projects


傳承精神命脈 活化非遺文明 NFT

It aims to promote the protection and inheritance of the countries along the Belt and Road Initiative and China's intangible cultural heritage, and try to integrate culture and technology. The zodiac NFTs promotes the creative transformation and innovative development of intangible cultural heritage in the digital space.


Princess Striker NFT

Sold 7k NFTs on Binance Smart Chain. Princess Striker NFTs are used as playable characters in the game of the same title. 


Flexi-Space 67, SSP Digital Entertainment, Units 608-613 
L6, Core C, Cyberport 3, 100 Cyberport Road



+852 61826421

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