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Fire InnoLab Products

Fire Innovation Technology offers a wide range of digital solutions to help businesses stay competitive and up-to-date with artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. Our InnoLab products have allowed us to create innovative products and services that are designed to provide our clients with the best possible outcome.

Artificial Intelligence

AI Soulmate

AI Soulmate combines artificial intelligence and NFT to provide a personalized virtual companion. The database and behavior patterns of the chatbots are integrated into Metadata, and unique soul tokens are created in the form of NFT.


"Knowledge" Virtual Chatbot

Cooperated with Bauhinia Megazine's youth publication "Knowledge" magazine to create a virtual chatbot specialized in Chinese culture, helping Hong Kong Education Bureau and relevant school organizations to promote interactive learning tools, also allowing primary and secondary school students to have a better understanding of Chinese culture through games and quizzes.

Crypto Wallet Building


In-App NFT Loyalty Programme

Partner with financial group for the in-app NFT loyalty program which create and handle the Web2 to Web3 wallet design and development. With this NFT program, clients can certificate and recognise the customer activity by their immutable and everlasting NFT memberships.

Gamefi Projects


Princess Striker

Web3 gamefi project on Binance Smart Chain, the game consists of over 30 characters and simple game design that is perferct for web3 gamers.

First Week Trading Volume: $4M USDT

Total NFT mint: 7000


BNB Gunfire

Web3 gamefi project on Binance Smart Chain. BNB Gunfire allows players to farm, mine, and fight with multiple game character NFTs.

First Week Trading Volume: $1.2M USDT

Total NFT mint: 7000

NFT Projects


傳承精神命脈 活化非遺文明 NFT

It aims to promote the protection and inheritance of the countries along the Belt and Road Initiative and China's intangible cultural heritage, and try to integrate culture and technology. The zodiac NFTs promotes the creative transformation and innovative development of intangible cultural heritage in the digital space.


Princess Striker NFT

Sold 7k NFTs on Binance Smart Chain. Princess Striker NFTs are used as playable characters in the game of the same title. 

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